About Us

Why advertise on 100auto.co.uk

100auto has taken many years to develop and create something that would stand out from the rest, but this can only work if we all get onboard and work at creating the 100auto brand. We want dealers around the UK to benefit from lower internet marketing cost.


1. We want to give you cheaper advertising costs.

2. Give you a FREE website for your business.

3. Generate footfall to your business.

4. Earn you some extra cash by referring a friend. £50 for every referral

5. Help you buy cars through our webuyanycar scheme on 100auto.co.uk.

6. Help you cut down time at the computer uploading your stock to other sites by giving you the FREE facility to upload to other sites at the click of a button.

7. 100auto.co.uk can increase footfall with a few little add-ons that we have on our site. For example webuyanycar scheme, Number Plate collection, rear window sticker competition.

All this comes at a price so we can’t give it to you for free, but we can promise lower the cost of advertising your cars on the internet.

Through the site, I refer to a very successful worldwide brand in justest.co.uk. This site has been very successful for takeaways around the world. With 100auto.co.uk we can make this concept a success for the motor trade and benefit from lower advertising cost with our ten-year price promise.

Name any other site that gives you all of the above. At the end of the day if you succeed then we succeed.