Car Repairs Guide

If you need to go into a garage for any car repairs, it is vital that you give the mechanic a clear indication of what you feel the problem to be or the symptoms, along with precise instructions as to what work they should and should not go ahead with.

Car repair quotations

Before a garage carries out any work on your car at all, make sure they have first supply you with a written quotation or an estimate so that you’re aware of  what the cost of the work maybe. Make sure labour, parts and/or VAT are mentioned in the quote, then ask is there likely to be any additional costs.

Authorising additional car repairs

Make sure that the garage is aware it cannot carry out any additional work other than that already discussed, without your authorisation. If additional car repairs are needed, they must call you to discuss the price and to confirm that you wish them to continue the work.again. Make sure you get the actual cost for this additional work

Should the car repairs not be essential to the running of the car, then you may prefer to give the garage a maximum budget, and have the less important repairs carried out at a later date.

Paying for car repairs and car servicing

When the work has been carried out on your car, the garage should present you with a full and complete invoice which includes costs for labour, parts and VAT. If you disagree with any aspect of this invoice, it is important that you speak to the person in charge and explain why the bill is different to the quote you had.

Should the garage refuse to allow you to drive your car away without full payment being made, then you must make it clear that you are paying “under protest” and will be launching legal proceedings to recover the money. Legally, it is better for you to pay in full and claim the money back rather than refuse payment or only pay in part.